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Historical Overview of Human Revenues Administration Unit


    The Unit of Human Revenues Administration has been established along with theestablishment of the College, 1987. At the time it was titled as (Inner AffairsUnit). Later on its title was changed into (Administration and Personnel Unit).In 2008, the (Administration Unit) has been separated from the (PersonnelUnit), each of which had its own Director. At the beginnings of 2009 the Unitsof Administration and Personnel merged together under the title (PersonnelUnit), just like the other Colleges. On 10.01.2010 a University Order forchanging the title of (Personnel Unit) to (Unit of Human RevenuesAdministration) has been issued.


Dutiesof Unit of Human Revenues Administration:

1.     Planningand organization of the College administrative affairs, following up theirexecution, adopting the necessary procedures to achieve the best route forpracticing them, execution of the Law of Civil Service, the Law of UniversityService no. 23 of 2008, the Law of State and Public Officials’ Salaries no 22of 2008, the Amended Unified Law for Retirement no. 27 of 2007, the Law ofState Officials’ Discipline and its amendments as far as it concerns theCollege workers and its teaching staff members, and following up the orders andthe instructions issued by the Presidency of the University of Baghdad.

2.     Theissuance of the administrative orders that grant the College Personnel theirordinary and patience leaves according to their rights and in accordance to theprovisions of the Amended Law of Civil Service no 24 of 1960 and the provisionsof the Law of University Service.

3.     Theissuance of the administrative orders concerning formation (s) of investigationcommittees in case of any violation,  themembers of which are appointed by the Dean.

    The Section  of Human Resources thelatest technologies, are feeding the computer with the updated data concerningCollege staff and computer programs that facilitate achievement of work withoutreference to the records .


Achievementsof HumanRevenues Administration Unit

     The Unithas accomplished at electronic personal files of College staff within a recordperiod of time by the use of PDF system which keeps all the necessary documentsof the staff. They have also been kept on (HARD USP) and DVDs to refer to whennecessary. Age confirmation decisions according to provisions of Article (25)of the Unified Retirement Law no. 27 of 2006 have been made. The Section hasalso issued certificates and document approvals.







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