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TOEFL Center

TOEFL Center at the College isregarded as one of the most important academic institute adopted by the Ministryof Higher Education and scientific Research as it has achieved a remarkableprogress, good reputation, and high credit ability as it has employedacademic and administrative qualified and trained staff, confined totest deadlines and instructions.

     ITP TOEFL is atest specified to measure one’s competence and ability in English. It is thetest required for Postgraduate Studies in Iraq. It consists of:

  • Listening Comprehension: A test of comprehension of English conversations and lectureslistened to.
  • Structureand Written Expression: A test of English written Grammar, Sentence, andExpression.
  • ReadingComprehension: A test to measure comprehension of English written texts andpublic issues.


The criteria set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


M. A.

Ph. D.

Group of English Language



Medical Group



Engineering Group



Pure Sciences Group



Agriculture and Veterinary Group



Administrative and Legal Group



Humanitarian Sciences Group






The general goal of the course is toqualify the participants for the ITP TOEFL test. The course lasts for 4 weeks,consisting of 3h/3days a week lectures. Qualified experienced lecturers holdthe teaching process.

Course elements andcomponents:

Listening, Reading, Structure andWritten Expression, Comprehension.

For the participant:

  1. It is important to be enlisted early for the test because the number of theparticipants in each test is limited.
  2. Testfee is 100.000 Iraqi dinar.
  3. Feeto be paid at the College Accounting Section. The receipt shall be delivered tothe Center. The participant shall keep a copy to show on the test day.
  4. Ifa participant withdraws for any reason, he has no right to claim the fees paid.
  5. Feesare not returned to the participant if he/ she do not follow it.
  6. Takingpart in the courses, if open, whether one wants to be tested or not.
  7. Aparticipant may be granted a participation approval.

For more information, contact : Iraq,Baghdad, Bab-Al-Muadham, College of Languages.

TOEFL Center,07814373291

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