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Secretary of Council of College of Languages: An Overview

Secretary of Council of College is linked to the Dean directly. It executes the following tasks

Preparation of the minutes of weekly meeting held by the Dean and attended by Heads of the Departments and the Scientific Units. The task includes reformation, organizing, and typing of the issues discussed during the meetings. In addition, it includes attaching of the related official documents according to the listed issues in the meeting agenda. A meeting includes the following axes

a)     Instructions of the Dean of the College: This covers the instructions the Dean sees them important to be notified to the Departments of the College. They are derived from the instructions of the President of the University or its Council or throughout the Dean impressions regarding the College ongoing issues

b)    What has been viewed by of the President of the University: This includes the items which are not covered by the authority of the Council of the College being of authorized to the Council of the University or its Council or require the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific Research

c)     Authorities of the Council of the College: These include the College specified items, such as, suggestions and studies presented by the College and the likes to be viewed by the President of the University

The Council of the College practices the following specifications

  1. The Scientific Specification which includes the following

a)     Planning for admission for Primary and Postgraduate Studies, according to the Scientific Departments, the admission terms and following them up.

b)    Planning for Scientific Research, Writing and Translation.

c)     Approving the plans to inaugurate Scientific Branches and Departments, suggestions of inaugurate, merge, or cancellation of Scientific Branches and Departments.

d)    Approving the titles of Dissertations and Theses, nomination of Comprehensive Examination Committees, Discussion Results, Adding or removing certain Items to the Postgraduate syllabus.

e)     Instructing of inaugurate Postgraduate Studies, their annual syllabi and plans.

  1. The Administrative Specification which includes the following:

a)      Supervising the various affairs of the College and its Cultural, Educational and Sport activities.

b)     Suggestion of delegation of Teaching Staff services, granting them leaves and scholarships abroad according to the suggestion of the concerned Scientific Department.

c)      Recommendation of a leave for a member of Teaching Staff in Iraq according to the instructions.

d)     Suggestion of a qualification plan for scientific and administrative staff.

e)      Approving the decisions of the committees of cancellation, evaluation and hiring movable and estate properties accordind to the provisions of Law.

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