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Lughat (Journal of Languages) in a few words

Lughat is a journal, has been issued on December 2007 by Media Unit at College of Languages. It deals with the news and cultural activities in the college. It covers the news of the Deanery, scientific departments, units and administrative sections of the college. It aims at disseminating the academic culture, deepening the collegial awareness, promoting knowledge concerned with languages and their literature, and paying attention to the importance of translation movement to and from Arabic.
Lughat  devotes a large portion of its space to the activities of  both  professors and students in the cultural and academic fields such as essays, stories, poems and translations.  Lughat is supervised by Prof. Dr. Talib Alquraishi, the Dean of College of Languages, its editor –in – chief is Assit. Prof. Dr. Fawzi H. Al-Hindawi . It also has an editorial board consists of professors and officers in both  media and linguistic  specializations. The journal is printed by the University House for Printing and Publication at Baghdad University’s headquarters and distributed inside and outside the college. Intellectuals from outside the academia also take part in its topics. The journal link has been included within the official websites of Baghdad University and College of Languages since its 13th issue.

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