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College Martyrs

 In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

"And do not slay the life which Allah has forbidden except by the right of Qisass. Whoso is killed unjustly We have appointed to his next of kin [his heir] authority and right of retaliation, but his heir also should not exceed the limit"  [Al-Israa:33]


Honoring their services for Higher Education, in general, and particularly for the College of Languages, an abbreviated biography of every martyr of our College who had been assassinated by the terrorist actions witnessed by our country has been added to our web site. We seek the all Mighty Allah may bless them and restore them to the Paradise. We also beg Him to keep our homeland in Peace.


Martyrs of College of Languages in brief


Martyr Assistant Prof. Fouad Ibraheem Ali Al-Bayati, Ph. D.

He had been born in 1944, headed Dept. of German Language. Generations of students, some of whom are members of the College teaching staff now, had graduated under his patronage. He had been martyred on 19.04.2005.



Martyr Dr. Abdul-Jabbar Ahmad

He had been born in 1964, served as a member of the teaching staff, Dept. of German Language. He departed us as a martyr on 2. 09. 2006 leaving only his memorials alive.



Martyr Hussein Hassan

He had been born on 1.07.1956. No information on his martyrdom is available.



Martyr Muneer Lateef Ugla

He had been born on 22.9.1975. B. A. in Turkish language. He served at the Dept. of Turkish Language until his martyrdom on 10.10.2007.



Martyr Huda Hassan Thabit, a post graduate student

She had been born on 14.9.1973. B. A. in English. She served at the section of accountancy until her martyrdom on 16.5.2008, less than one month before her thesis discussion.



Martyr Usama Amir Naiif

He had been born on 12.10.1979. B. A. in Comp. programming. He had served at Computer Unit, College of Languages until his martyrdom on 12.07.2006. Only his image remained in his friends minds.




Martyr Iqbal Mnati Mahmoud, a post graduate student

(No photo available)

She had been born on 03.09.1970. B. A. in English. She served at Dept. of German Language. She could not gain her M. A. because of her martyrdom on 18.12.2006.




Martyr Marwa Mouwafaq

(No available information)



Martyr Hameed Majeed Abd Nassar

(No available information)


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