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Kurdish Language Department

   The study of the Kurdish language began in Iraq as part of higher education and scientific research for the first time at the Universityof Baghdad - College of Arts.

 This department continued until its opening in 1978 in the College of Education at the University of Baghdad for the purposeof preparing teaching staff, and its curriculum was different from thecurriculum which was received by students in the Department of Kurdish languageat the College  of Arts, in terms of changing the curriculum andpreparation for students who do not speak the Kurdish language, and introducingsome of the lessons related to educational psychology and methods of teachingetc.

Due tothe expansion of teaching and learning of the Kurdish language, Deanshipof the College  of Languages initiated 
​​to contact  the University ofBaghdad for the re-opening of the Department of Kurdish language. The presidencyof the University of Baghdad approachedthe Ministry of Higher Education on the re-opening ofthe department  of Kurdish language in the College  of languages ​​in 2004-2005 and received theapproval of the Ministry of Higher Education to re-openthe department of Kurdishlanguage in the college  of languages ​​in 2004-2005. Department is equivalent withthe Kurdish language departments  in the north of Iraq.

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