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 Italian Language Department

The Department of Italian Language was founded in 2002-2003, sponsored by Dr. Adil Al-Jader , The deanery College of Languages then Dr. Dhia Aldeen Nafia , the scientific assistant , the head of the department ( deputy).

Among the instructors who taught in the department was professor Saad Al-Tai an experienced Prof. in the College of Fine Arts . Al-Tai Assisted in finding and establishing the department and in ensuring scholarships to Italy . He was awarded the a Medal in September /2005 by the Italian government . In addition to Professor Sameer Abdul hammed , the manager of relations in the Ministry of Higher Education then , and Mr. Waleed Khalef Mohammed.

In the following year , a group  of instructors came to teach in the department : Prof. Ahmed Al-Saadi , the winner of the Italian international Inyalisyus Silona prize for his translation of "A Journey to Paris " . This book was printed in Arabic in cooperation with the consultant bureau of college of languages.

In the third year another group joined the teaching staff : Ali Shamran , a diplomat in the Iraqi embassy in Rome , Dr.Murtadha Hadad , a professor in the College of Fine Arts , Mr. Ibrahim Al-Ibadi , a retired military officer , died in 2008 ( May God Bless him) and professor Fadhil Al-Kinani , a retired chief engineer Besides Miss Wasan AbdulHussein Ridha , Miss Safaa Harb Faris, Miss Alia Ali Hussein, Noor Amjed AbdulMajeed all were B.A. holders in the Italian language  and some were graduated from the department.

In the year 2008 , another group taught in the department , Bahaa Nejim Mohammed ,Hussein Jalal Mohammed ,Zainab AbdulKadhim Hamad , Qasid Mohammed Hussein,QAsim Mohammed Khazal , in addition to Hind Sabbir Mohammed ,Azhar Esam AbdulWahab , Rawya Moulood AbdulGani as staff members . Later , other M.A. lecturers taught in the department as Noora Safa AbdulRasoul ,Muna Adnan Ibraheem and Noor Amjed.

Numbers of the deans of the College of Languages headed the department as acting head among them was Dr. AbdulJabbar, Dr. Dhiya Eldeen Nafi' and Dr. AbdulWahid Muslit.

Dr. Sadiq AbdulMutalib Al-Mousawi is the head of the department now.

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