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Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Instr. Dr. Aqel abd - al hussain 

The task of this office is to manage students affairs through  dedicated units as follows:
1- Registration Division
2- Sport and Arts Activities Unit

  • Registration Division:

Given the important role played by Registration Division in our college,  the diversity of its tasks, the high level of accuracy required in its work , and the role it plays in facilitating students  files  processing , the posts delivery and follow-up tasks  are entrusted to a  staff  with distinguished  characteristics to deal with clients and organizing incoming and outgoing  official documents into and out of this Division.Another  structure within the Registration Division, is the Master Sheets; concerned with files and examination records. This important  structure is entrusted to  employees with integrity and honesty to keep the confidential nature of these files. In addition to this, Registration Division undertakes the task of issuing, as quick as possible,  students IDs,attesting  letters, and  student discharge orders; in coordination with the related departments. Another  administrative structure within the Registration Division undertakes  checking and authentication of documents related to graduation according to the established regulations of the presidency  of Baghdad University and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

  • Sport and Arts Activities Unit
- Sport Activities

1- Training men and women teams for all activities round the academic year
2- Holding departments competitions for some activities according to the Unit’s plan
3- Participating in UB’s Championship for individual and teams games
4- Participating in training and arbitrating activities in the Iraqi Universities Championship

- Arts Activities
1- Holdingdrawing, poetry, sculpture, music and theatre training courses round the academic year
2- Participating in the Artistic exhibitions, photography show, comics and Arabic and Islamic calligraphy.
3- Receiving talented students and refining their skills.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Activities:

-    Providing the college with new electronic equipment
-    Holding specialized courses to improve the skills of the staff
-    Assistant Dean presides the Students Disciplinary Committee which undertakes the role of guiding students to honor laws, ministerial and university instructions to improve student performance to be an example for other colleges to follow suit.

-    Following up Student cafeteria in coordination with the cafeteria’s administration to better serve our dear students and to ensure that a high level of hygiene is  maintained.

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