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The  College Public Library

The College Public Library was established in 1987  and has served as the parent library from which branch libraries of the College Departments were emerged. Its aim is to meet the needs of its students, academics and the  research community with a wide range of library services .

The nineties of the last century formed the beginning of a new phase in the work of libraries and each department of the college had its rich library like English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew and Persian.

In 2003 a large part of the library references and catalogs were lost. A staff team is currently working hard to update the library and create indexes and classification of their contents to make them accessible to students and external readers. This team is working on an electronic directory of books  , periodicals and theses for the advancement of the library and keeping them away from damage and loss. It is worth mentioning that a number of college professors have come in succession on the management of the library and have supplied it with new ideas presented by  some teaching staff members like Dr. Sabah Sleibi,( Dept. of English) ,Dr. Sadiq Abdalmttalb ( Dept. of French) Dr. Nahla Jawad , Dr. Theka’a Miteab ( Dept. of French) in addition to the Librarian Ms. Nahla Adnan, Dr.Firyal salih ( Dept. of French),and Dr.Mahmood Ghazi( Dept. of Russian)


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