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Registration section


        The  registration section  was established in1987-1988. It undertakes many tasks, among which is issuing the graduatecertificates with and without marks, registering the new students of the firstyear every academic year ,checking the certificate of the College ,issuingorders of the forged students documents and entering all data of theregistration section in the computer and save it on CDs .


The duties of this section are


  1. Enlisting the enrolled students at thebeginning of every academic year.
  2. Issuing Graduation Certificates with/without marks  in both Arabic and English
  3. Carrying out statistics of number ofthe graduates of both, morning and evening studies.
  4. Undertaking electronic archives andre-arrange the master sheet, annually to protect them from being damaged.
  5. Entering the names of the graduatestudents into the computer annually and sending a copy to the website to bepublished.
  6. Arranging the files of every academicyear and saving the orders of admission, postponing and modifying thenomination.
  7. Examining the  documents  ofthe admitted students for both morning and evening studies dismiss in thestudents who forged during the final examination or have illegal forms thathave  not been registered formally, cancel the admission, issuing theconcerned  orders and save in them in the file of the student.
  8. The registration section has been issuingcertificates since 1960-196 1 till 1986-1987 concerning therecords of the College of Arts and issuing the graduation certificates sincethe re-establishment of the college in 1987/1988.

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