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Informatics Unit  Informationand
Dr . FawziHadi Al-Hindawi

This administrative unit is controlled by  Dean Assistant for academic Affairs. It isconsidered a ​​link between the College and the world through reflecting the activities of the faculty and students andtheir academic and cultural eventsto all the media.

The Unit has essential duties,the most important of which is to introduce a multi-facet view of the College,respond to all published issues in the media such as complaints and inquiriespertaining to the College.

  • Issuing LUGHAT “Languages” ​​a periodic newsletter. It is  a newsletter concerned with the cultural creations of faculty andCollege students in the fields  of languages ​​, cultures,literature and translation as well as its interest in publishingnews and activities of the College. Eleven issues have been  issued so far.
  • Coordinating with the Department of Media at the Presidency ofBaghdad University and the Ministry of Higher Education in respect of media.
  • Considering the students' talents, most notably photographing  the academic and culturalactivities of the students in the College and archiving them both on paper andelectronically.

Media & Internet Unit


 This section wasestablished in 2000, and before that it included three separate centers,Computer Center and Rapid Reading Center. The section has been equipped withupdates computers, in addition to scanner devices and multi-type printers,black white and coloured, in an aim to keep pace with the scientificdevelopment and to elevate students.

researches and studies, and to give educational courses and the efficiency of the computerfor postgraduate students. Other tasks of the unit is the  maintenance of computers in academic departments and the units of the College in addition to linking and maintenance of the internet in the college, and the unit also provides specialized staff in giving lectures on computers in all academic departments, the functions of this unit is as follows:

Main Duties

The section hasvarious duties:

1.Internet services,browsing, e-mail.etc.

2.Aiding students inresearch work.

3.Holding courses incomputer literacy.

4.ComputerMaintenance in other department of the College.

5.Network connection.

6.Providing teachingstaff to teach computer subject first year classes in all departments.

7.Providing the tutors’ offices, libraries, labs and all other sections with wirelessnetworks.

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