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Higher Studies Unit


1-The higher studies had been inaugurated for the  first time during the

     academic  year 1992-1993 and were only confined to some oriental specializations such  as Ph.D. Degree  in Hebrew  ,and  M.A Degree  in Persian and Turkish .   


2-During the academic year 1993-1994 ,a higher  study  for an M.A Degree had  been  inaugurated at the  departments of English, French, German, Spanish , and Russian .


3- During the academic year 1994-1995 , a higher  study  for an Ph.D  Degree  had been  inaugurated at the departments of  Turkish and Persian . 

4- During the academic year 1995-1996 , a higher  study  for High Diploma had been inaugurated  in foreign languages Translation  at the departments of  English ,French, German, Spanish , Russian, and Persian to prepare qualified translators in the specializations concerned and to gaina certificate equivalent      to M.A degree in rights and privileges without awarding the scientific



5- During the academic year 1995-1996 ,a higher  study for Ph.D  Degree had been hanged up in  Persian  and  Turkish . 

6- During the academic year 1997-1998 ,a  higher study for Ph. D in  Turkish  had been   reinaugurated .

7- During the academic year 1998-1999, both higher studies for M.A. Degrees  in Literature and   Linguistics  had  become separate specializations at the English  Department .

8- During the academic year 2002-2003, a higher study for Ph. D. in Persian and Russian had been  reinagurated .      

 9- During the academic year 2002-2003,the higher studies in all specializations in  the college   had  been hanged up due to the severe events undergone by the  country .   

10- During the academic year 2006-2007,  higher studies  for the M.A. Degree had been  reinaugurated in both English Literature and Linguistics,and  Russian .

11- During the academic year 2008-2009, a higher study for an M. A. Degree in Translation at the English Department had been established for the first time,in addition to M. A. Degree  in both  English Literature and Linguistics .


12- During the academic year 2009-2010, the higher studies in all specializations in the college had been hanged up due to the unavailability of  conditions  needed for the higher studies, except for an M.A Degree in English Linguistics and Turkish.        


      Main Activities :

1-A dissertation Guide had been published within College of Languages  Magazine issues in 2001-2002 .

2-Preparing special forms concerning entry omitted  students .

3-Preparing special schedules concerning students gained first, second and

   exceptional period extension .

4- Preparing lists of graduated students  since the establishment of the college .

  Internet  & Computers  Unit  :

  This unit was established in 2000 , and before that it included three separate

   Centres , Computer Centre , Internet  Centre and Rapid Reading Centre .

   The unit has been equipped with updated computers ,in addition to scanner devices and multi-type printers ,black and colour , in an aim to catch up with the scientific development and to elevate the academic level of the students .


Main Duties :  

   The unit has various duties :

    1-Internt services ,browsing ,e-mail ------etc.

    2-Aiding students in research preparation  .

    3-Holding courses in computer literacy .

    4-Computer Maintenance in other departments of the college .

    5-Network connection .

      6-Providing teaching staff in computer subject for first year stages at  all departments.

    7-Providing the tutors offices , libraries ,labs and all other units with wireless

       Networks .



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