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Historical Overview

          The college of Languages is the only college that teaches many international and local languages. It was first established as a high institute for languages in 1958. With three years of study, a  high diploma was granted to students in the English, Spanish, French, German  and Kurdish languages. The teachers were natives.

In the academic year 1963-1964, the institute became a college with four years of study and a bachelor degree to grant. The first dean was Professor Doctor Baqir A. Al-Baldawi. The languages taught were English, Spanish, French and German. 

     In the academic year 1970-1971, the College of Languages was merged with the College of Arts. Its departments were divided into two major departments: European and Oriental languages. Then, those were separated from the College of Arts to establish the College of Languages in the academic year  1987-1988.Nowadays, the college enlarged to have eleven departments. They are the English, Spanish, French, German,Italian, Russian, Hebrew, Turkish, Syriac, Kurdish and Persian departments.There are some attempts to open the Chinese department. The first dean of this college was the Late Professor Doctor Emad Addeen M. Abdul-Azeez.

        The teaching of foreign languages goes back to the seventeenth century where modern schools taught the Turkish language as an official language. Other schools for the  religious minorities taught other foreign languages besides Turkish. The English language was introduced into the curriculum during the British occupation to Iraq. It gained its importance throughout the royal and republic e reigns for the wide usage of this language along with its being the language of modern technology. The College of Languages teaches all of these languages as well as preparing  highly-qualified graduates in simultaneous interpretation and teaching.

The college was not limited to undergraduate studies only. It has started the post- graduate ones in the 1990s of the last century.

         Nowadays, the college has its own staff of professional teachers who provide other universities with highly-qualified graduates. The college hasan academic journal  called “ The Languages” which publishes researches related with foreign and local languages.The scientific path of this college is emphasized by the symposiums,conferences held and the cultural days of departments, especially during the last two years.



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