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Asst. Prof. Dr. Shatha Kareem Atta Al-Shamary
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       Due to the growing need in the advanced cyber space, and to keep pace with the escalating frequency in this area in the civilized world in which Internet and websites have become a major and indispensable part in the management of the institutions and universities, and to measure their efficiency in the world today, the idea of founding the Website of the College of Languages was emerged. Such idea was started after 2005. When the Website was initially launched, it did not rise to the level of ambition as it was rudimentary so it stopped in 2007. The College sought to launch a new one, but this has not been implemented due to technical, financial and other barriers. At the beginning, the idea did not exceed setting up preliminary designs which did not meet the ambition of an integrated Website that can be relied upon. In mid-2009, the Website was launched again but still rudimentary. It stopped at the beginning of 2010 to be poised to a new launch and more sedate in performance.  Upon the emphasis, of the presidency of Baghdad University, on the need to take this issue with the utmost seriousness and provide all the necessary possibilities that would contribute to the success of this idea, the beginning of 2011 witnessed the real commencement of activating the Website. This interest coincided with the unsurpassed step of the presidency of Baghdad University to take care of booking a server for its affiliated colleges and institutions, and to reserve an official domain name with the provision of unlimited space for each college to put in all the necessary information they wish and to set up the database. These things overcame the difficulties faced the development of the Website in the past. In 2011, the Website employed Professional technicians who provided the required consultation. Hence, the Website began to cover the academic, cultural and sports activities of the College on a daily basis. It displayed the time tables of the lectures, exams and seminars as well as electronic version of the academic journal dealing with foreign languages and integrated virtual library specializes with books and treatises.
        At the end of the 2011, The College of Languages launched its page on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter so as to secure communication between students and professors, provide services and respond to questions from those who did not have the opportunity to visit the college. To keep up with news and activities, the College of Languages had the privilege of launching its website, at the beginning of 2012, in such multiple languages as English, French, Germany, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Kurdish as well as Arabic language. The Website Administration is now seeking to add Italian, Persian, Hebrew and Syriac to cover the most spoken languages across the globe. It is also seeking to exert maximum efforts to provide the best academic discreet services of interest to students and professo

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